• La Belle Esplanade

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Phone: (504) 301-1424

The most interesting place to stay in America’s Most Interesting City. La Belle Esplanade is located right at the midpoint of one of the most beautiful streets in New Orleans. In one direction, it’s a picturesque stroll to the French Quarter and Frenchmen Street. In the other direction, it’s an equally pleasant walk to City Park and the New Orleans Museum of Art. Ours is a real neighborhood full of interesting things that are off the usual tourist radar. Come see what it’s like to live in New Orleans. Visit like a local.

La Belle Esplanade isn’t so much a B&B as it is a boutique experience inn, full of surprises. Each of our five, two-room suites includes a sitting room, bedroom, private bath, and private balcony. Every room is painted a different vibrant color. Our lobby is home to The New Orleans Odditarium, a quirky museum, and the exhibits rotate throughout the house, providing history lessons, cultural touchstones, and an overall sense of whimsy.

Every morning starts with a curated breakfast salon of fresh local breads, pastries, and delicacies picked up from local shops. Get a taste of all of New Orleans’ rich culinary diversity. Combine good food with good coffee mixed with chicory, the New Orleans way, and good conversation. You’ll be ready to set out on tantalizing adventures in this wonderful city we call home. See our website for more details and read our blog to learn about what’s been going on in our neighborhood. It’s often called “The Best-Written Blog in New Orleans.”

There is Southern hospitality and, then, there’s something better: New Orleans hospitality. New Orleans is a world of its own. Come discover this city’s magic at La Belle Esplanade, an inn like no other. Good memories are made here.