Esplanade Ridge/Mid-City

Places to Stay

Esplanade Ridge is one of the most beautiful and historic areas of New Orleans, well-known for the boutique inns and B&Bs located in the area.  Mid-City is the largest neighborhood in New Orleans.  One side of Esplanade Avenue is technically part of Mid-City, but, among locals, Esplanade Ridge is really a neighborhood, and a world, all its own.

Mid-City straddles Canal Street, easily accessible to the Canal Streetcar line to the French Quarter.  It is a diverse neighborhood full of restaurants and shops and a number of Mid-City B&Bs.  Mid-City B&Bs offer a taste of the real New Orleans, where people go about their lives.  to sample what it’s like to live in New Orleans, rather than just to visit, consider one of the many Mid-City B&Bs.

Esplanade Ridge is named after Esplanade Avenue, what is often called the Creole Millionaire’s Row, or, more locally, the Creole St. Charles Avenue.  Esplanade Ridge B&Bs are in restored Creole homes that line either the Avenue or beautiful surrounding streets.  Tour buses, bicycle tours, and self-guided walking tours wind through Esplanade Ridge every day.  Count yourself among the lucky by staying in one an Esplanade Ridge B&B.

The area around Esplanade Avenue is home to many small, local museums, nationally famous restaurants, and some of the most interesting shops in New Orleans. Esplanade Ridge B&Bs offer a slice of New Orleans life that you won’t find in the French Quarter, though the Quarter is only a short and pleasant walk away.  The streetcar runs from City Park, at the end of Esplanade Avenue, through Mid-City, or from the foot of Esplanade Avenue along the river side of the French Quarter.  It’s in the middle of it all.