Did you know that Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a KID’s EVENT in some neighborhoods? What’s spoken about most often is the French Quarter and some surrounding neighborhoods where adult behavior is always available if you are not toting your kids along.

If you have decided to bring them, look for places to stay in Uptown, lower Garden District, Irish Channel, Mid-City, Bywater and Carrollton neighborhoods at https://bbnola.com/ where ladders with viewing boxes rule the streets. Each krewe has prepared well for kids. The throws include stuffed animals, hats, bracelets, stretchy toys, assorted light-up bling and much more just for them.
Bathrooms are fairly easy to locate. You will see rows of port-a-lets around the parade route, however, the best spots to visit are churches.

  • Uptown, Rayne Memorial Methodist Church in the 3900 Block of St. Charles Avenue will be selling Port-a-let visits for $2. Per go, $5. Half-day or $10. Full day , (no food). http://raynenola.org/
  • St. George’s Episcopal Church, 4600 St. Charles Ave. has a full kitchen serving hot plates, beer, wine and free bathrooms. http://stgeorge-nola.org/

If a flying neon baton is hurling your way, just catch it and hand it over to the next generation of Mardi Gras riders. Bring a huge bag to tote the winnings home for the entire neighborhood to enjoy. It’s all fun and a great family vacation in February!