Maybe You’ve Been to New Orleans…

Maybe you’ve been to New Orleans before.  If I know you, and I don’t, but let’s assume I do, you stayed in a big hotel in the French Quarter or on Canal Street, or in the Central Business District.  I’m playing the odds when I make this guess about you.  That’s where most of the hotel rooms are.  There is nothing wrong with staying in a big chain hotel.  Plenty of people do it.  It’s an easy decision to make.  Which do you prefer?  Marriott?  Sheraton?  Hilton?  Holiday Inn?  Any of the other big players that dominate the skyline around where all the usual tourists congregate?

There is another way to experience New Orleans.  You can visit like you live here.


Welcome to the New Orleans experience that is curated by professional innkeepers.  If you choose to stay in a professionally licensed bed and breakfast or inn in New Orleans, you’ll get to enjoy a different side of New Orleans than most tourists get a taste of, a better side of New Orleans.


Welcome to PIANO, the Professional Innkeepers Association of New Orleans.  As an association of likeminded hospitality professionals, we open our small boutique B&Bs and inns to travelers from all over the world.  We love to share what we know about our part of New Orleans.  We live here.  We are invested in sharing what makes New Orleans great and different.  A night in a real B&B is better than a week in a chain hotel for a convention.  Come to New Orleans to understand New Orleans.  There is more to New Orleans than the French Quarter.




As New Orleanians, we love the French Quarter.  There is no place else like it.  You should go to the French Quarter and see what it’s like.  You’ll like it.  You’ll love it.  You’ll also love the rest of New Orleans.  New Orleans is a city of neighborhoods, each one of them with their own personality and their own charms.

New Orleans is like no other city on earth.  You can get the tourist New Orleans, the one all your friends told you about when they stayed in the Quarter, or just outside of it, the New Orleans you probably enjoyed when you came here last time.

This time, how about taking on an adventure in the real New Orleans?  Stay at a small B&B or inn run by professional innkeepers.  Innkeeping is an old and respected trade.  We know.  We’re not old but we have deep roots in New Orleans culture.  We like to share what we know with our guests.  You’ll be delighted by what you discover in the New Orleans outside the French Quarter.



Pick a neighborhood.  Pick the Bywater, the MarignyEsplanade Ridge or Mid-CityUptown in the Garden DistrictAlgiers, or Lakeview.  You can even stay in the French Quarter or in Tremé.  New Orleans is a feast for the eyes, the ears, and the spirit.  Follow your nose and follow your heart.  When you stay in a real, professionally licensed New Orleans B&B or inn, you know you’ll discover a side of New Orleans that you won’t have already read about in the guide book.  You’ll be in the real New Orleans.

You are on the right website to discover the real New Orleans.  We’re here for you with 200 rooms, no two alike.  PIANO- the Professional Innkeepers Association of New Orleans.  Get your New Orleans groove on and come enjoy the city like we do.