Places to Stay

Because of the levees, you can spend a week in New Orleans and never see the water unless you stay in a Lakeview B&B. To discover a part of New Orleans rarely seen by other vistors, New Orleans’ Lakeview and Lakeshore neighborhoods offer a different facet of this fascinating city.  Mostly residential, the history and unique features Lakeview offers provide a peaceful and interesting experience of New Orleans the way it is enjoyed by the people who live here.

Lakeview B&Bs are close to the water.  Lakeshore Drive runs along the shore of, what else, scenic and majestic Lake Pontchartrain which forms the northernmost boundary of New Orleans.  Wide open parkland and interesting fountains are located in the park.  Built on land reclaimed from the lake, the Lakeview neighorhoods were constructed as part of the Garden City movement in the 1920s.  Notable cultural monuments include the Old Spanish Fort, the Hellenic Cultural Center on St. Bernard Avenue, walkable park-like neighbohood enclaves, and the city’s historic West End and Lighthouse Museum.

Visitors driving to New Orleans will find a welcome respite at Lakeview B&Bs in a distinctive neighborhood that is unlike others in the city.  Popular restaurants are located in the West End and in nearby Bucktown, a historic fishing village just over the city line.  The Art Deco Lakefront Airport is a recently restored architechural gem that harkens back to the golden age of air travel.  Fresh seafood is the main cuisine in Lakeview and, additionally, fashionable bistros and boutique shopping can be found on Harrison Avenue.  A thrillingly relaxed part of New Orleans, Lakeview is an integral part of the New Orleans puzzle.  Lakeview B&Bs offer all the exotic charm New Orleans has to offer without the rowdiness and hubbub most people expect from a New Orleans vacation.